About Ginny’s Helping Hands, Inc.​

Ginny White opened Ginny’s Helping Hands in Leominster in October of 1978.  The Food Pantry began in 1980, and served between nine and eleven families daily. As the need grew, so did the pantry, and currently an average of 40-56 people use the service on a daily basis. These are not only single parent families, but also two parent families as well as our elderly who are unable to make ends meet.


In September of 2013 Ginny packed up her car, retired to warmer weather in South Carolina, unfortunately with no succession plan for the organization. Having volunteered for Ginny, and having had seen the need in the community for the services that Ginny’s provided, Susan Chalifoux Zephir and her husband Ed Zephir took over the operation to carry out Ginny’s important work. 


Ginny liked to say that this organization was for people who need “A Hand up – Not A Hand Out!” Since then, under the direction of Susan Chalifoux Zephir, the team at Ginny’s Helping Hands has made it the mission to stick to Ginny White’s motto. In addition providing a food pantry to those in need in the community, our organization partner with other local organizations to help to provide temporary shelter, with the goal of setting up permanent housing situations, providing fuel assistance to those in need and supply furniture, clothing and other necessities of life. At Thanksgiving and Christmas time, you will find our organization at its busiest! Each year at this time, we prepare and hand out food baskets to hand out to hundreds of families containing all the necessities for a hearty holiday meal! In addition to food baskets, at Christmas time, we also distribute toys to families in needs as well.


This labor of love is able to continue through the generosity of individuals and businesses that help to keep the shop and pantry stocked with merchandise. Donations of unexpired food and lightly used clothing and house goods, including furniture, always accepted and appreciated! Limited local pick-ups are available by appointment, which can be schedule by contacting us at 978-537-1387. Furniture donations will require pictures to be accepted. Pictures can be sent to us at , where we will correspond with you further. 

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Ginny’s Helping Hand, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the everyday living needs of the less fortunate.​

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