Soup Kitchen Suppers

We at Ginny’s Food Pantry along with the Leominster Spanish American Center are pleased to announce a new resource for the needy in our community: Sandwich-Soup Plate & Supper at the Spanish Center!


These community meals will feature hot soup and sandwiches beginning January 13th, 2016 and continuing on Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 4 – 5 PM until the end of April. We at Ginny’s will provide the food and the Spanish Center will prepare and serve it at the Spanish Center in their new commercial kitchen facilities.


This is a combined project of Ginny’s Helping Hand & Food Pantry and the Leominster Spanish American Center, funded through a grant from Fallon Health Plan.


Those wishing more information, or to volunteer should please contact Sue Chalifoux-Zephir at Ginny’s or Neddy Latimer at the Spanish American Center in Leominster.

A "Cool" Donation

"A Cool Donation for Ginny's Helping Hand"

HealthAlliance Employees Pitch In to Help 

"HealthAlliance Employees Donate to Ginny's Helping Hands, Salvation Army"

"HealthAlliance Employees Donate 300+ Turkeys"

The "City of Angels" Steps Up

"The City of Angels Steps Up Again for Thanksgiving"

SkyView Students Get Into the Spirit of Giving

"SkyView Spirit of Giving"

Rollstone Gives Ginny's Helping Hand Funds for New Truck

"Rollstone Gives Ginny's Helping hand Funds"

Girl Scout Troop Holds Drive for Ginny's

"Girl Scout Troop Holds Food Drive for Ginny's Food Pantry"

Hometown Bank Kicks off Campaign for Local Food Pantry

"Hometown Bank Kicks off Campaign for Ginny's Helping Hand"

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